Best Medicine With No Side Effects For Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation - For Long Lasting In Bed

 Let us first know what are Sexual strength and Impotence.

We can see the end of Sexual strength and Impotence in two ways:

  • No Erections or tightness in the penis.
  • To ejaculate early or to ejaculate before having sexual intercourse.

In these two ways, Person has lost his sexual strength and Impotency comes in the private part. Now let us know how it starts happening.

The lack of tightness in the penis at the time of sexual intercourse also means that the blood flow in the penis is completely reduced or stopped. 

As you can see in the picture, there are all the blood cells in which the blood flow causes tightness or erections in the penis. The same blood flow decreases due to which the penis does not erect completely.

Ejaculation at the time of sexual intercourse or ejaculation before that without doing anything means that the penis has more sensitivity in the skin, also it causes thinning of the semen quality. 

The front part of the penis becomes very sensitive due to excessive masturbation, which causes early ejaculation.

Now let us know the reason for these problems:

  • Excessiveness of masturbation.
  • Eat bad quality food or junk food. 
  • Staying very tense.
  • Living all the time in erotic thoughts.
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes, Tobacco.
  • Age factor.

Now let's talk about its treatment.

Many types of medicines are available in the market for this kind of problem.




Allopathic: In allopathy, there are mostly quick-to-effect medicines available like Viagra but with having lots of side effects. So do not use allopathy medicines, it is not good for your health.

Homeopathic: It is also possible to be treated in homeopathy. But it is not possible to eliminate it from the roots of the problem.

Ayurvedic: The treatment is only available in Ayurveda or in medicines made with Ayurvedic herbs, which can Treat this problem completely without any kind of side effects.

It will take time and gives results in a long time but Ayurvedic treatment is able to cure it completely. It can also be cured at an older age. 

By taking medicines made from a mixture of natural herbs, you can completely treat or reduce sexual weakness. 

These herbs are known only for cure these problems. It gives strength and energy to the body of a man. It gives a new life to those men who have been feeling completely impotence. 

With this treatment, you need to take a better diet or good food. and try to stay away from bad habits. After that, you can see the results very soon.

The names of the Herbs we mixed are as follows:

Description of Herbs (Aushdhi), White Musli, Black Musli, Skull Musli, Semal Musli, Rumi Masti, Salam Paw, Yellow Asparagus, Pure Black Kernel, Shyama Basil Seeds, Unblemished Sycamore Fruit, Makardhwaj Rajat Bhasma, Mukta Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Vajra Bhasma, Coral Pishti, Chandraputi, Real Pure Shilajit, Real Saffron.

In the same way, there are many herbs that are effective to get rid of these problems completely. Also beware of medicines that are made from fake herbs or medicines, which are not completely Ayurvedic. 

They are simply sold with the fake label of Ayurvedic. And at a very cheap price. It also gives many side effects if it's made up of Fake herbs.

All these herbs are grinned and powdered. After filtering, a small pudding is made, which has to be taken with warm milk.

This Medicine returns the lost strength, vigor, youth again. This Natural Ayurvedic Medicine is very effective.

This is a completely 101% claim by our elders. This medicine is a little expensive, but if you see the effect of this, then you will forget the money invested.

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